Friday, November 25, 2011

Picture Coasters-A Christmas Gift

This weeks project was inspired by another great Pinterest find.
Tile Coasters.

They are just tiles and scrapbook paper.

I love this time of the year however sometimes I get a little stressed over what gifts to get everyone. Especially the grandparents and in-laws. Then it hit me, make some picture coasters for them. I printed off pictures of our family and a family trip we took over the summer and put them on the tiles to give to my in-laws. I like the idea of having pictures out where you can see them, rather than tucked away in some photo book.

Want to make some for yourself or a loved one?
Here is what you need:
-tiles from Home Depot 16 cents each (Lowes has some but there is not a variety and they are most expensive)
-pictures printed or cut to 4x4 squares
-mod podge
-spray glue
Start by making sure your tiles are really clean. Then spray each tile with spray glue. Place the picture on the tile and smooth out any bubbles.